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About Us

The Malta Chamber of Advocates represents the corps of advocates admitted to the Bar of Malta. It is a voluntary non-political non-Governmental organisation funded by the fees payable by members and by funds raised from the activities it organises. It is recognised at law as the consultative and participatory representative of advocates in matters related to the organisation and administration of justice.

The Chamber acts as a professional association, a lobbyist, an educator and, to a degree, as a regulator, as well as being available to provide guidance to advocates and to the public at large on matters of professional ethics and the proper exercise of the function and office of advocate.

The Chamber seeks to organise lectures, seminars,  and conferences to up-date the profession on matters both of substantive and of procedural law, as well as participating, either as a lobbyist or as a direct participant, in initiatives to amend and consolidate legislation.


The Committee is made up of 11 members who are elected every 2 years. The Committee is currently constituted as follows:

  • President: Dr George Hyzler
  • Vice President: Dr Vincent Galea
  • Hon. Secretary: Dr Stefan Camilleri
  • Hon. Treasurer: Dr Louis Bianchi
  • Public Relations Officer: Dr Louis de Gabriele
  • Members: Dr Leslie Cuschieri,  Dr Jesmond Manicaro, Dr Anna Mifsud Bonnici, Dr Mario Spiteri, Dr Robert Thake, Dr Stephen Tonna Lowell  


The Chamber of Advocates, Superior Courts, The Law Courts, Republic Street, Valletta VLT2000 MALTA
Telephone: +356 21248601
Fax: +356 21223904
E-mail: info@avukati.org
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