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Situated at the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta has a long tradition of international trade, business, manufacturing and servicing that goes as far back as the Phoenicians in the first millenium B.C. Malta became an important production centre for cotton woven goods and the island was covered with large manufactories and trade buildings, producing and exporting fine cloths and fabrics under the rule of Carthage.

The Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, the Knights of St. John, the French and British all realised the economic potential of the Maltese islands.

For close to two centuries, Malta was the Royal Navy's Mediterranean home-port. This laid the foundations for the island's subsequent industrial development.

This solid background has led to today's favourable industrial climate that together with its pro-business environment makes Malta an ideal location for foreign direct investment. Today there are well over 200 foreign-owned manufacturing companies operating in Malta. Economic and political stability, healthy industrial relations and competitive labour costs have been the pillars sustaining the success stories of many a foreign company for the last 40 years.

Information courtesy of www.maltaenterprise.com

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