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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are the offices of the Chamber of Advocates?


      Our office address is the following:

      The Chamber of Advocates,

      The Lawyers' Chambers

      Courts of Justice,

      Republic Street,
      Valletta VLT2000.

      The office is situated on the second floor; adjcent to the Criminal Court.

  • What is the membership base of the Chamber of Advocates?


      The Chamber presently has around 800 lawyers registered as members.  Membership in the Chamber of Advocates is on  a voluntary basis. 

  • What is the Chamber of Advocates and what does it do?

      The Chamber of Advocates dates back from 1877 when, the few advocates then practicing before the Maltese Courts and Tribunals formed the ‘Camera degli Avvocati’. The Chamber, through the years, evolved and changed its name to ‘Kamra tal-Avukati’.   It represents all advocates in Malta and acts on their behalf when lobbying and negotiating with the Government and other regulatory authorities.

      The Kamra operates from offices in the Law Courts, Republic Street, Valletta.

      It is a self regulatory body which seeks to provide a structure ensuring that advocates act within the required standards of ethics and professionalism both with the clients as well as with their peers

  • What other bodies regulate the profession of advocacy in Malta?

      There is the Committee for Advocates and Legal Procurators within the Commission for the Administration of Justice, which Commission was set up on the 3rd June 1994 by means of Act 369 of the Laws of Malta and which has, as its main goal, that of supervising the workings of the courts, the members of the judiciary and the members of the legal profession.   The Kamra tal-Avukati statutorily nominates the majority of members of the Committee.

  • Are advocates regulated by a Code of Ethics?

      Following the setting up of the Commission for the Administration of Justice, a Code of Ethics for advocates was drawn up in consultation with and approved by the Kamra and it eventually promulgated by the Commission.   It binds advocates with the force of law and the adjudicating authority is the Committee for Advocates and Legal Procurators.

  • How does one become an Advocate in Malta?


      In order for a person to practice as an Advocate in Malta, he or she needs to be in possession of Warrant issued by the President of Malta under the Public Seal of Malta.    Section 81 of the Code of Organization and Civil Procedures provides the requisites necessary to be able to obtain a warrant, which are:-

      (a) the applicant needs to be of good conduct and good morals;

      (b) a citizen of Malta or of a Member State or is otherwise permitted to work in Malta under any law;

      (c) has obtained the academic degree of Doctor of Law (LL.D.) in accordance with the provisions of the Statute of the University of Malta, or a comparable degree from such other competent authority in accordance with the principles of mutual recognition of qualifications, after having studied law in Malta or in a Member State;

      (d) has, after satisfying the requirement of paragraph (c), or, in the case of persons regularly following the academic course of law in the University of  Malta, at any time after the commencement of the last academic year of the said course, for a period of not less than one year regularly attended at the office of a practising advocate of the Bar of Malta and at the sittings of the superior courts;

      (e) possesses a full knowledge of the Maltese language as being the language of the courts;

      (f) has been duly examined and approved by two judges who shall issue, under their signature and seal, a certificate attesting that they have found the applicant to possess the qualifications above-mentioned and that the applicant is competent to exercise the profession of advocate in the courts of Malta.

      Information for non- Maltese Lawyers (EU) may be found:  http://www.avukati.org/content.aspx?id=56567

The Chamber of Advocates, Superior Courts, The Law Courts, Republic Street, Valletta VLT2000 MALTA
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