Annual Consumer Law Conference 05.04.2019


Friday 5th April saw another successful and very well-attended edition of our Annual Consumer Law Conference organised by the Malta Law Academy and the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Malta.

Dr David Fabri, who organises this annual event, noted the very positive reactions from those who attended the afternoon event and added that Professor Guido Alpa, who this year was the keynote speaker, was very impressed by the panel, their respective subjects and presentations as well as their level of preparation. This year’s conference was chaired by Dr Annalies Muscat, who also delivered a talk, and saw presentations by Dr David Fabri, Dr Mireille Caruana, Dr Omar Grech, Dr Mariosa Vella Cardona and Dr Theresienne Mifsud on a variety of consumer-related subjects.

Chief Justice Dr J Azzopardi delivered the opening address and stressed the importance of further legal training in similar subjects. The Chamber also thanks Ms Victoria Frilot for her assistance and cooperation in making sure all aspects of the organisation are well in place!