Quarterly Law Seminar Series – Dr Stefano Filletti


On Wednesday 4th April, Dr Stefano Filletti delivered a highly interesting talk with the theme New Age instruments in Criminal Law: Proportionality and challenges. This was the second talk in a new Quarterly Law Seminar Series that have started being organised by the Malta Law Academy in collaboration with the University’s Faculty of Law. In his talk, Dr Filletti explained how while the EU’s law enforcement structures offer a diverse and flexible legal framework, these structures are a constant and challenging exercise of political compromise that lacks certain procedural safeguards.

Dr Filletti, who heads the Criminal Law Department at University, spoke of the status and powers of OLAF, the New European Prosecutor’s Office, the freezing powers and the implications of mutual recognition in European criminal law procedures. Dr Filletti argued that EU-led investigations need to guarantee a better balance between enhanced investigative tools and citizens’ rights. This well-attended talk also stirred an interesting discussion among those present, which included academics, students, legal practitioners and members of the judiciary.