19.06.20 Covid-19 Update


Update by Ministry of Health

There were no new coronavirus cases in Malta during the past 24 hours, out of 852 swabs. With three persons recovering, active cases have gone down to 41.

The Health Department said that 12 Covid-19 patients are receiving care at hospitals.

Malta Chamber launches rebranding 

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, has rebranded its identity to reflect its restless drive to be Malta’s foremost business representative body. Addressing members at the AGM which was held digitally, President Perit David Xuereb remarked how the organisation had been the leading voice of Malta’s business community for over 170 years.

“An ethos of innovation drives the Chamber, as it embarks on a process of transformation, to ensure ongoing relevance for the future in an ever-changing reality. To complement this new way of thinking, we have seen fit to update our brand identity, to project a progressive and forward-looking organisation, able to take bold steps, and modernise its vision” said Perit Xuereb.

The rebranded identity of The Malta Chamber was produced by BPC International.



What will travelling through the airport post-lockdown be like?

Timesofmalta.com discussed with Prof Charmaine Gauci what going through airport will be like in the so-called ‘new normal’ era. The article lists the key changes that one should expect prior to boarding. Apart from social distancing and use of masks, another measure set to become the norm in airports is thermal screening, with special equipment installed to monitor passengers’ body temperature, with persons having a fever being asked not to travel.

Valletta is dead, the economy is zero’ 

Many business owners in Valletta told The Times they are extremely concerned after six months of weak sales, with some saying revenue is down by as much as 90 per cent. In its podcast, comments are also sought from clothing, toy shops, cafes and restaurants who all shared the same negative feeling.

The Times also sought comments by the CEO of Malta’s Chamber of SMEs, Abigail Mamo, who agreed with the retailers’ outlook. “It’s something we’re hearing from a lot of our members,” she says. “Around 70 per cent of businesses in Valletta depend on cruise liners and they have stopped coming.

Other sources of local income include the courts and office workers, but of course they have not been operating for three months either.”

MUMN says it received complaints about foreign nurses employed at Gozo hospital 

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) told The Malta Independent that it has received complaints from a number of Gozitan nurses that the recently recruited foreign nurses are not capable of carrying out their work.

MUMN President Paul Pace highlighted that this is not the fault of the nurses, but said that Steward Health Care did not have them undergo an induction course.


Maltese on electoral register and foreigners with residence permit to receive vouchers 

Maltese on the electoral register and foreigners with a residence permit will be receiving the €100 vouchers, the government clarified on Thursday. The vouchers form part of government’s economic stimulus package and can be spent on restaurants, hotels, bars and shops that were forcefully shut.

The government was reacting to backlash on social media that the vouchers will only be made available to Maltese citizens. “These vouchers represent money (not a cheque) which can be used directly at establishments which qualify for the scheme. That is why government needed to find a secure way to disseminate the vouchers, in the same secure way that voting documents are distributed,” the government statement read.

Newspaper Review

The Times reports that PN Leader Adrian Delia issued a sworn declaration denying claims that Yorgen Fenech attempted to bribe the party to undermine the election campaign of MEP David Casa in 2017.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that the Labour Party ‘resorts to lies’ when it finds itself in crisis. Delia was referring to allegations made on PL party media that the PN tried to thwart the re-election chances of one of its candidates.

The Independent quotes the union of nurses which said that newly recruited nurses by Steward Health Care have not been provided an induction course and are not able to carry out their responsibilities.

L-Orizzont quotes a study commissioned by a government money-management programme which found that more people are confident in their financial situation and are less concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on their personal finances.

The Independent speaks to government Whip Glenn Bedingfield who criticised the opposition for choosing not to participate in the grilling of nominated Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà. Bedingfield said the process will go on as planned.

L-Orizzont follows a libel case by activist Pia Zammit against the newspaper over a story about her. Editor Victor Vella said that the report did not personally attack Zammit but published a picture circulating on social media and comments posted about it.

In-Nazzjon says that Chris Cardona has kept silent since the Prime Minister announced his resignation from PL deputy leader. The paper says the only message Cardona published on Facebook was to deny any involvement in the Caruana Galizia plot.


Today’s Times of Malta delivers a scathing assessment of the Maltla Police Force, describing it as in an abject state. It is leaderless, morale is low and virtually every day brings news of fresh scandals. The Editor argues that a radical shake-up of the force is urgently required, while it is equally clear that the new commissioner cannot carry out the fundamental reorganisation without the necessary political support. The Editorial also disagrees with the Opposition’s decision not to take part in the grilling of the new Commissioner in Parliament.

The Independent looks at ways technology can make the Church more relevant to today’s society, noting how it managed to reach out to its members during the time when its sacred places remained shut. It highlights how many priests have doubled their efforts to remain close to parishioners in the past three months, particularly those who were hit hard by the virus such as by losing their jobs, and to others who experienced loneliness because they obeyed instructions to stay at home.

It is by adapting to changing circumstances that the Church could maintain and possibly strengthen its presence in our society.

In-Nazzjon tackles the current political scandals emanating from the public hearings on the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. In particular, it refers to the alleged involvement of former Minister and Labour Deputy Leader Chris Cardona as well as allegations that the former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar tipping off of the murder’s so-called ‘middleman’. It also takes to task Speaker Anglu Farrugia for refusing to dedicate a Hall in Parliament to the slain journalist.

L-Orizzont looks at recent reforms carried out in the education sector, which have instilled a new spark in the way it operates. The Editorial looks at various investments that have upgraded the quality of educational services, but also reduced costs, such as by providing free exams and free transport for all school children.

The Editor also welcomes measures intended to ensure that more students remain longer or return to their studies beyond the traditional school ending ages.


London City Airport to reopen with domestic focus

London City Airport is poised to reopen within days after being shut for almost three months during the COVID-19 pandemic, it announced.

The British capital’s fifth-biggest and most central airport said it will serve domestic routes initially, with the first flight expected to be between London City and the Isle of Man on Sunday.

After the pandemic brought most flying to a halt, airlines had hoped to resume international travel from the UK in July, but government quarantine rules introduced on 8 June are deterring holidaymakers even as European borders reopen.

Mainland China reports 32 new coronavirus cases, 25 of them in Beijing 

Mainland China reported 32 new coronavirus cases as of the end of June 18, 25 of which were reported in the capital city Beijing, China’s National Health Commission said on Friday.

This compared with 28 confirmed cases a day earlier, 21 of which were in Beijing. Local authorities are restricting movement of people in the capital and stepping up other measures to prevent the virus from spreading further following a series of local infections.

Another five asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, those who are infected with the coronavirus but show no symptoms, were also reported as of June 18 compared with eight a day earlier. China does not count these patients as confirmed cases.

EU Corner – by Comuniq.EU 

EU seeks unity over coronavirus stimulus in virtual meeting this morning

The 27 national heads join a video conference to discuss recovery for the bloc that has lost over 100,000 lives to COVID-19 and faces an unprecedented economic downturn threatening its stability and global standing.

Under discussion is the EU’s next joint budget worth more than 1 trillion euros ($1.1 trillion) for 2021-27, and an attached recovery fund that would be replenished by a proposed 750 billion euros  worth of historic borrowing  by  the executive European Commission.

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