06.07.20 Covid-19 Update



Update by Ministry of Health

There  were  no  new  cases  of  coronavirus  in  Malta  during  the  past  24  hours.  No recoveries were registered during the same frame.

In all, 11 people remain infected from a total of 672 that had contracted Covid-19 in Malta. Nine people have since died.



Post-COVID, what does Europe’s digital future look like? 

In the pre-COVID-19 days, technology was present – from online courses for continuous education to devices connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and entertainment on tap. Yet everything was running in the background – there and assuming it will always be there.

The coronavirus pandemic brought technology right up to the forefront. With schools and shops shuttered, the majority of people working from home, and families and friends having to keep in touch through video calls, everyone became very much aware of how technology was helping people persevere, while easing the burden of confinement.


Artists concerned about future, Minister has ‘no doubt’ industry will return to pre- COVID state

Local artists and creators are sceptical about finding work  post-Covid-19, however, Culture Minister Jose Herrera said that he has no doubt that the industry will be flourishing once again as it used to before the pandemic.

A recent survey, conducted by consultancy firm Culture Venture revealed that, while there was an increase in online activity from creators over the past few three months, 48% of all events remained cancelled and 31% of all events postponed.

The report highlighting the results of the survey explains that “the intention of this survey is to support the sector and all relevant authorities to engage in a collaborative process that will provide a sustainable recovery plan for the sector,” with 86% of respondents agreeing that specific aid measures are required to support artists in this time of recovery.

Culture Minister Jose Herrera did not give a clear indication as to whether the ministry is working on something of the sort, however, he said he is “open for suggestions, open to ideas and committed to this industry which is dear to my heart.

Newspaper coverage

The Independent quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who says that messages between him and businessman Yorgen Fenech published by The Sunday Times are fake. He challenged the paper to publish any messages between Fenech and Joseph Muscat.

The Times says that some 20 PN MPs convened at the party’s headquarters on Sunday following reports that leader Adrian Delia had exchanged messages with Yorgen Fenech in 2019. Delia attended part of the meeting.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that media reports about WhatsApp chats between himself and Yorgen Fenech were a government tactic. He said he will not be silenced from fighting corruption.

L-Orizzont reports on the nominations of Daniel Micallef for PL Deputy Leader and Ramona Attard for President of the party. The paper says that the PL is renewing itself with young people at its helm.

The Times speaks to the captain of the ship carrying migrants that was ordered to moor in Maltese territorial waters while the government negotiates relocation with EU partners. The captain says that the ship used for livestock transport is not adequate for humans.

The Independent says that local artists are worried about their future after taking a hard hit by the pandemic. Culture Minister Jose Herrera, meanwhile, said he is confident the arts scene will return to the levels of activity seen before the outbreak.

L-Orizzont says that there have now been more than 100,000 swab tests for Covid-19 since March. There are currently 11 active cases from a total 672 registered infections which saw nine fatalities.


The Times of Malta turns its attention to developments in the US, defining the country’s administration under President Trump as carnivalesque. It discusses how the response to the pandemic has been botched, with the President now pushing for a sense of normality before the upcoming election. While the Editorial seems to hint its preference for Democractic candidate Joe Biden, it feels a lack of enthusiasm towards this alternative, therefore increasing the possibility that pro-Trump fanatics will give the President a second term, which might have a damaging effect on world politics.

The Independent breaks down Joseph Muscat’s justification for accepting expensive wine from Yorgen Fenech. Muscat justified his actions – deemed unethical by the Standards Commissioner – stating that he accepted the gifts on the advice of the Malta Security Service, so as to not to alarm Fenech that he was a suspect in the investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Editor flatly disagrees, arguing that Muscat could have easily told Fenech that he, as Prime Minister, could not accept gifts, especially such a lavish one, because the code of ethics prohibits it. This would not have alerted Fenech to anything except to the realisation that he was dealing with a PM who followed the rules.

In-Nazzjon turns its focus back on the Opposition’s case against the current privatisation of Malta’s hospital management. It recalls the strong hints of corruption and evident inefficiency of these deals and calls on Government to ‘give back’ to the citizens what it describes as rightfully theirs.

L-Orizzont focuses on what it describes as a cultural revolution on the Maltese islands, looking at the quality of events being held locally which have significantly enriched the Maltese cultural calendar. It also discusses the increased appreciation of our heritage, highlighting the success of the student passport granting free access to historical sites.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS (By corporatedispatch.com) 

Greece to resume direct flights with Britain from July 15

Greece is allowing direct flights from Britain on July 15, the Greek government said on Monday, as Athens tries to salvage its all-important summer tourist season. Greece lifted restrictions on flights from EU countries to its two main airports on June 15 and the rest on July 1 – but had kept a ban in place on fellow member Sweden and former member Britain, as well as several other countries with large coronavirus caseloads.

302 new cases of coronavirus in Serbia over the weekend

According to the latest information, 302 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Serbia over the weekend.

The Serbian news site B92, five more people died, and there are 81 patients on the respirator.

EU Corner – by Comuniq.EU

Banks urge Britain and EU to sort out post-Brexit financial market access

Britain and the European Union need to make progress on EU financial market access given that the coronavirus crisis will make it even harder to cope with potential disruption if there is no agreement, banking lobby AFME said on Monday.

Britain left the EU in January but has full access to the bloc under a transition period that runs until the end of December.

Corporate Dispatch Recommends 

Summer might slow coronavirus but is unlikely to stop it 

The arrival of warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere raises the question of whether summer could slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. Here is what science says.

While warmer weather typically ends the annual flu season in temperate zones, climate alone has not stopped the COVID-19 pandemic from sweeping any part of the globe. In fact, outbreaks in hot and sunny Brazil and Egypt are growing.

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