AGM and upcoming elections

The Chamber of Advocates held its Annual General Meeting on 07 July, 2020.  The meeting was chaired by the President of the Chamber, Dr Louis de Gabriele.

The meeting had been adjourned from the previous week for lack of quorum at the first meeting. There being a quorum at the second meeting, the members proceeded to business.

There were two items on the agenda.  The first concerned the Financial Statements of the Chamber for the financial years ended 31st December 2017, 2018 and 2019 which were duly received.  Dr de Gabriele then informed the meeting about the second item, being the upcoming elections for the Council of the Chamber 2020-2023, which will take place on 28th July 2020.  A total of 15 candidates are contesting for the 10 seats available on the Council.  In line with Rule 61 of the Chamber’s statute the council had decided that elections will take place by electronic voting, thus making it more convenient for lawyers to vote without having to attend Court.  The meeting resolved to appoint Dr Philip Manduca as Electoral Commissioner for this voting process.

The nominated candidates to contest the forthcoming elections are:

Dr Timothy Bartolo

Dr Keith Anthony Borg

Dr Karl Briffa

Dr Matthew Brincat

Dr Stefan Camilleri

Dr Leslie Cuschieri

Dr Louis de Gabriele

Dr Joseph Ellis

Dr Peter Fenech

Dr Vincent Galea

Dr Edward Gatt

Dr Jesmond Manicaro

Dr Anna Mifsud Bonnici

Dr Stephen Tonna Lowell

Dr Alan Zerafa