Preliminary Notice of Chamber of Advocates Elections 2023




Preliminary notice is hereby given, in accordance with article 45 of the Statute, that elections of members of the Chamber will be taking place on Friday, 07 July 2023, which will fall vacant on the expiry of the terms of office of the current Chamber members at the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 30th June 2023.


The ten (10) vacancies arise due to the end of term as per article 72 of the Statute.  The roles to be occupied are:


Vice President

Secretary General

Financial Officer




Nominations are invited to be submitted from active and fully paid-up members of the Chamber of Advocates.


Candidates must be nominated by ten (10) other Chamber of Advocates members.  As per article 46 of the Statute, candidates must complete all sections of the Nomination Form (Parts One and Two), as well as the endorsement form.  The forms may be downloaded through the following link:

Nomination-Declaration-Endorsement Forms


All forms are to be addressed to the Secretary General.

The forms may be sent by email to, by 26 May 2023.  

Kindly note that original nomination and endorsement forms must also be received by the Secretary General, Chamber of Advocates, The Lawyers Chambers, Courts of Justice, Republic Street, Valletta, not later than 26 May 2023.