Council 2023 – 2026 Election Results



The Chamber of Advocates today elected its new Council, tasked with the running of the Chamber for the next three years until 2026.  The election was held online with a healthy number of 15 candidates vying for the 10 vacant seats on the Council.

In the coming days, the new Council will be meeting to elect the President of the Chamber and further information will be posted as soon as possible.

The total number of eligible voters was 962  and the number of ballots submitted was 522.


The results of the elections are as follows:

Dr Keith Borg                               191 votes

Dr Joseph Bugeja                        149 votes

Dr Christine Calleja                    300 votes

Dr Stefan Camilleri                     320 votes

Dr Victoria Cuschieri                  198 votes

Dr Davinia Cutajar                      201 votes

Dr Deo Falzon                              193 votes

Dr Peter Fenech                          266 votes

Dr Jesmond Manicaro               122 votes

Dr Cedric Mifsud                        192 votes

Dr Paul Micallef Grimaud         314 votes

Dr Anna Mifsud Bonnici            298 votes

Dr Jonathan Thompson            132 votes

Dr Donald Vella                          214 votes

Dr Alan Keith Zerafa                   52 votes


The elected members of the Council for the period 2023 – 2026 are:

Dr Christine Calleja

Dr Stefan Camilleri

Dr Victoria Cuschieri

Dr Davinia Cutajar

Dr Deo Falzon

Dr Peter Fenech

Dr Cedric Mifsud

Dr Paul Micallef Grimaud

Dr Anna Mifsud Bonnici

Dr Donald Vella