The Junior Chamber of Advocates (JCA), is an organisation established under the auspices of the Chamber of Advocates.  It was officially launched on the 1st October 2013, publicly acknowledged by the President of the Chamber of Advocates, and endorsed by the Chief Justice on the inauguration of that Forensic year.  The JCA seeks to ‘bridge the gap’ between the academic development of law students and the practicality of the legal profession, thus creating a closer link between students and lawyers.

The Annual JCA Moot Court held at the Law Courts of Malta, and presided by Members of the Judiciary, provides the perfect set-up for law students to start practicing their Advocacy Skills in a realistic scenario. Participants are given the opportunity to prepare written submissions, examine and cross-examine witnesses and also make their oral submissions before the Court, which ultimately delivers its judgments. In 2017, the JCA organised a Moot Court on the basis of a Trial by Jury, for the very first time in Malta, in which students were also given the opportunity to act as jurors and deliver their judgments following deliberations between them. 2017 was also the first year of the JCA Family Law Moot Court, that offered students the opportunity to take part in a case dealing with family law matters, providing students the chance to undergo procedures adopted in actual family law cases.

Another project, which the JCA Executive Members take pride in, is the development of the ‘Prattika-Link’ which serves to facilitate the placement of students  to find the most suitable internship for their ‘prattika’ requirements; hopefully resulting in employment upon completion of the law course. The JCA is also at the forefront in representing students on current issues regarding changes in warrant related requirements, which shall be brought about through the enactment of the ‘Lawyers Act’. Ultimately, one of the JCA’s primary activity is that of organising seminars, chaired by different lawyers, treating various academic topics from a practical point of view.

The JCA has collaborated with the Malta Model United Nations Society (MMUN) in organising an annual international conference in which students may act as delegates in a simulation of various United Nations Committees. This gives students the perfect opportunity to step out of their comfort zone so as to improve their public speaking skills whilst debating current affairs – a necessary skill for all law students.

In 2018, the JCA obtained recognition by the University of Malta Degree Plus system. Through this initiative, members of the JCA were able to receive extra credits for taking part in events organized by the organization. This meant that students were finally recognized academically for going the extra mile to attend JCA events.

During 2019, the JCA was recognised as a student organisation by the Senate of the University of Malta.  This was yet another milestone for JCA as it has consolidated its position at a University level in order to reach its desired aims.

For more information, please visit the JCA’s Facebook page, or their website  They may also be contacted by email on

Students wishing to join up to the Junior Chamber of Advocates may complete the application form here: JCA Membership Application Form


Junior Chamber of Advocates Executive Committee 2023/2024

President: Matthea Wadge

Vice President: Giulia Vicario

Secretary General: Mariah Sapiano

Financial Officer: Jean Carabott

Academic Officer: Marthea Grech

Academic Coordinator: Martina Cortis

Projects Manager: Malcolm Muscat

Projects Coordinator: Julia Gauci

Public Relations Officer: Bianca Pace

Media Coordinator: Jasmin Attard

Social Policy Officer: Cheyenne Baker Bray

Introductory Officer: Cristina Borg


Benefits of becoming a member of the Junior Chamber of Advocates:

  • Free registration for JCA seminars, held by legal practitioners
  • Free registration for Moot Courts, held at the Law Courts of Malta and presided by Honorary Judges
  • Enlistment for facilities offered by our Prattika-Link program
  • Degree Plus recognition at the University of Malta
  • Invitation to our annual social and other collaborative events
  • Free participation to all JCA organised activities
  • Free subscription to the Chamber of Advocates publication – Law and Practice
  • Participation in seminars and workshops organised by the Chamber of Advocates
  • Eligibility to attend our AGM and vote in the election of the JCA Executive Committee

To join the Junior Chamber of Advocates, you may click here  

For more information, please visit our Facebook page or contact us on 

Matthea Wadge
Matthea Wadge is a third year law student and the current President of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Matthea previously held the position of Financial Officer on the executive, where she had the responsibility of ensuring that the organization had a successful fiscal year and that current and future students had the funding necessary for the organization to continue operating, to bridge the gap between the students and the legal profession. This year, Matthea is committed to helping the executive foster an environment that facilitates the transition of legal students into the profession. As everyone is keen to help the organization grow and expand its reach to more students, she is also very happy with her team and excited for this year to commence. Under Matthea, the executive is planning to hold a number of seminars, moot courts and social events to ensure that law students have the ultimate educational experience at the UoM.
Giulia Vicario
Giulia Vicario is a third-year student reading for a Bachelor of Laws Degree and the current Vice-President of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Having previous experience in Student Activism, Giulia is passionate about voicing student concerns, whilst also understanding the importance of teamwork, communication and unity. Additionally, through the Prattika Link Programme, she aspires to assist in bridging the gap between the law course and the legal profession. She is also eager to grow the initiative of ‘JCA gives’, by raising awareness on various social issues and collaborating with Voluntary Organisations.
Mariah Sapiano
Secretary General
Mariah Sapiano is a third year law student and current Secretary General of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Mariah is actively involved in student activism and has participated in various international opportunities. Through her experiences, Mariah has developed a keen interest in facilitating the valuable guidance given by the organisation to law students through their years of study and beyond. As Secretary General, she is dedicated to leveraging her skills to support her team members and help the Junior Chamber of Advocates achieve its goals. Her main objective is to keep the executive members organised and motivated by giving a helping hand so that together, they may promote growth and development within the organization. With her enthusiasm and passion, Mariah is poised to make a significant impact.
Jean Carabott Cutajar
Financial Officer
Jean Carabott Cutajar is a second year law student and is currently the Financial Officer for JCA. Jean brings an analytical and forward-thinking approach to the table. He is very eager to contribute to JCA by ensuring efficiency and the upkeep of a well-organised infrastructure. One of his core aims for his term is to help current and prospective law students in their course studies, and help bridge the gap between the course and the career. Apart from that his goal is to help JCA grow its network of students.
Marthea Grech
Academic Officer
Marthea Grech is a second year law student pursuing the role of Academic Officer within the Junior Chamber of Advocates for the term 2023/24. She has taken part in several moot courts throughout her years within the law course and believes that they are a crucial tool for the development of legal minds. Thus, she looks forward to organise interesting and engaging moot courts this year together with the Academic Coordinator. Through participating in these moot courts, law students may discover the world of being in court and therefore the beauty of litigation and all that it brings with it.
Martina Cortis
Academic Coordinator
Martina Cortis is a second-year law student and the current Academic Co-Ordinator for the Junior Chamber of Advocates. She shall be assisting primarily in the running of moot courts, alongside the Academic Officer, and other academic and social events together with the other offices of the Executive. She looks forward to further bridging the gap between the law course and the legal profession through her enthusiasm, motivation, and dedication. Martina believes that her previous experience in organisations and good communication skills will eventually aid JCA to achieve their end-goals and engage further with students of all years in the law course.
Malcolm Muscat
Projects Officer
Malcolm Muscat is a third-year law student and the current Projects Officer for the Junior Chamber of Advocates. His intention in this executive role is to ensure that students get the best out of attending JCA academic seminars and events. He is looking forward to allowing students to advance in their legal and professional development. As Projects Officer, his objective is to organise events that are intertwined with the areas concerning the law course. Furthermore, Malcolm is honoured to form part of such an ambitious team who all aim at working hard to make the Junior Chamber of Advocates into a more notable organisation.
Julia Gauci
Projects Coordinator
Julia Gauci is a second-year law student and is the current Projects Coordinator for the Junior Chamber of Advocates. She is grateful to be entrusted with this role and plans to further elevate this office and JCA as a whole. Julia is enthusiastic to help students bridge the gap between the law course and the legal profession through interactive means such as useful seminars and other interesting projects throughout the year. Through her work, she also strives to guide and support students in their studies.
Bianca Pace
Public Relations Officer
Bianca Pace is a second-year law student and the current Public Relations Officer for the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Through her out-going nature and creative flair, she strives to create a more approachable and positive image for the organization whilst maintaining JCA’s ethos. Bianca ensures to reach out to more students with the aim of aiding them navigate through their legal studies and acting as a hospitable point of reference to them. Her main objective is to ensure that there is an air of familiarity between the organization and students alike in order for JCA to be able to work most effectively. In her term as PRO, Bianca looks forward to working alongside the rest of the executive team in all the initiatives they shall be undertaking. Lastly, through this extensive media outreach, her goal is to help the organization grow constructively through multiple public relations efforts.
Jasmin Attard
Media Coordinator
Jasmin Attard, a second-year law student, currently holds the position of Media Coordinator in the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Demonstrating a strong inclination towards organization and meticulousness, Jasmin undertakes the responsibilities of managing social media platforms, crafting compelling content, and ensuring effective dissemination of the organization's message to its intended audience. Collaborating closely with the Public Relations Officer (PRO), she strives to create high-quality content that resonates not only with her fellow law peers but also with other team members. Jasmin's enthusiasm for her role and her commitment to producing gratifying and impactful content contribute to the overall success of the organization's media endeavours.
Cheyenne Baker Bray
Social Policy Officer
Cheyenne Baker Bray is a third-year law student and the current Social Policy Officer of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. This year, the office of Social Policy is determined to take a step further to bridge the gap between law students and the law itself, by bringing to the forefront matters of the law which need to be discussed, whilst also serving as a helping hand to the students, by implementing topics covered throughout the years of the course within its papers. Cheyenne is motivated to include more of her peers within the office this year, inviting students from all years of the course to participate and contribute towards the creation of the policy papers, and thus make sure that the office is more relatable to the students reading for a Bachelor of Laws Degree.
Cristina Borg
Introductory Officer
Cristina Borg is a second year law student and is taking on JCA’s role of introductory officer. Her role in the organisation is to help guide all those students starting out as first years in the law course and those who may show interest in studying law in the future. It is an honour for her to take on the position to welcome the students, aim to help them in any way and make the transition from students’ previous studies to the University of Malta as easy as possible; especially through the various activities organised by JCA. She will be working together with the rest of the executive team to achieve JCA’s vision for the year to come.
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