The Junior Chamber of Advocates (JCA), is an organisation established under the auspices of the Chamber of Advocates.  It was officially launched on the 1st October 2013, publicly acknowledged by the President of the Chamber of Advocates, and endorsed by the Chief Justice on the inauguration of that Forensic year.  The JCA seeks to ‘bridge the gap’ between the academic development of law students and the practicality of the legal profession, thus creating a closer link between students and lawyers.

The Annual JCA Moot Court held at the Law Courts of Malta, and presided by Members of the Judiciary, provides the perfect set-up for law students to start practicing their Advocacy Skills in a realistic scenario. Participants are given the opportunity to prepare written submissions, examine and cross-examine witnesses and also make their oral submissions before the Court, which ultimately delivers its judgments. In 2017, the JCA organised a Moot Court on the basis of a Trial by Jury, for the very first time in Malta, in which students were also given the opportunity to act as jurors and deliver their judgments following deliberations between them. 2017 was also the first year of the JCA Family Law Moot Court, that offered students the opportunity to take part in a case dealing with family law matters, providing students the chance to undergo procedures adopted in actual family law cases.

Another project, which the JCA Executive Members take pride in, is the development of the ‘Prattika-Link’ which serves to facilitate the placement of students  to find the most suitable internship for their ‘prattika’ requirements; hopefully resulting in employment upon completion of the law course. The JCA is also at the forefront in representing students on current issues regarding changes in warrant related requirements, which shall be brought about through the enactment of the ‘Lawyers Act’. Ultimately, one of the JCA’s primary activity is that of organising seminars, chaired by different lawyers, treating various academic topics from a practical point of view.

The JCA has collaborated with the Malta Model United Nations Society (MMUN) in organising an annual international conference in which students may act as delegates in a simulation of various United Nations Committees. This gives students the perfect opportunity to step out of their comfort zone so as to improve their public speaking skills whilst debating current affairs – a necessary skill for all law students.

In 2018, the JCA obtained recognition by the University of Malta Degree Plus system. Through this initiative, members of the JCA were able to receive extra credits for taking part in events organized by the organization. This meant that students were finally recognized academically for going the extra mile to attend JCA events.

During 2019, the JCA was recognised as a student organisation by the Senate of the University of Malta.  This was yet another milestone for JCA as it has consolidated its position at a University level in order to reach its desired aims.


Junior Chamber of Advocates Executive Committee 2021/2022

President: Jake Buttigieg

Vice President: Gabrielle Portelli

Secretary General: Warren Farrugia

Financial Officer: Krista Spiteri Lucas

Projects Manager: Matthias Azzopardi

Social Policy Officer: Emma Shaw

Public Relations Officer: Michaela Azzopardi

Academic Officer: Josefa Muscat

Introductory Officer: Cherise Sultana

Assistant Projects Manager: Larkin Magro

Assistant Academic Officer: Chantelle Stevens


Benefits of becoming a member of the Junior Chamber of Advocates:

  • Free registration for JCA seminars, held by legal practitioners
  • Free registration for Moot Courts, held at the Law Courts of Malta and presided by Honorary Judges
  • Enlistment for facilities offered by our Prattika-Link program
  • Degree Plus recognition at the University of Malta
  • International Opportunities through La Sapienza and UKLSA
  • Invitation to our annual social and other collaborative events
  • Free participation to all JCA organised activities
  • Free subscription to the Chamber of Advocates publication – Law and Practice
  • Participation in seminars and workshops organised by the Chamber of Advocates
  • Eligibility to attend our AGM and vote in the election of the JCA Executive Committee

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Jake Buttigieg
Jake Buttigieg is a fourth year law student and the current President of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Jake has served in the executive as Financial Officer and Student Outreach Officer, occupying roles intended to improve JCA’s efficiency and infrastructure. This year, Jake is committed to helping the executive foster an environment that facilitates the growth of legal students into the profession. This is an endeavour which requires not only that students are taught the essential practical knowledge of the legal system but also integrated into the core values of the profession; ethics, responsibility to the profession and the duties of lawyers in service of justice.
Gabrielle Portelli
Gabrielle Nicole Portelli is the current vice-president of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Gabrielle is a highly organized and motivated individual willing to go above and beyond what is expected to complete tasks. Having served as Public Relations Officer in the previous term, Gabrielle has understood the value and importance of proper planning and the effective communication of JCA’s ethos, ‘bridging the gap’ between the law course and the law profession. She intends to implement these values throughout her role as vice-president and looks forward to working closely with the President and the rest of the executive so as to ensure the fulfilment of JCA’s goals. She believes that a clear vision for JCA coupled with the joint effort of the whole executive, will guarantee a prosperous future for JCA.
Warren Farrugia
Warren Farrugia is the current Secretary General of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Having served as the Introductory officer and Projects Manager between 2019 till 2021, he has gained a lot of experience within the organisation both in working within a team and creating content to enhance the learning experience for all law students. When he first assumed a position within the executive board, the aim was to assist the team in growing their reach and to maintain their reputable image of professionalism and high quality services they provide. Today, he continues to strive toward this goal, and from his newly appointed position feels that he can achieve this and much more across the next term.
Krista Spiteri Lucas
Krista Spiteri Lucas is a third year law student and the current Financial Officer for JCA. Having served as Social Policy Officer between 2020 and 2021, she has understood the importance of preparation and communication in order to ensure effective transmission of JCA’s ethos. She is very eager to provide JCA with adequate resources as well as an efficient and well-organised infrastructure. Through her work, she strives to further maintain the professional image that JCA has become synonymous with. Krista looks forward to doing her utmost in order to help facilitate the lives of current and prospective law students with the ultimate aim of bridging the gap between the students themselves and the legal profession.
Josefa Muscat
Josefa Muscat is a third-year law student and shall be serving as the Academic Officer within the Junior Chamber of Advocates for the term 2021/2022. Having served as Student Outreach Officer in the previous term, Josefa believes that she has gained the knowhow and expertise when it comes to setting up events with the purpose of helping law students step into the legal profession. Her role as Academic Officer will mainly consist of the setting up and organisation of moot courts alongside the Assistant Academic Officer as she has always been interest in the active management of activities and events alike. Josefa looks forward to continue working hard in order to serve as an intermediary between the law course and legal profession, while ultimately contributing to the Junior Chamber of Advocates and seeing the organisation reach its full potential.
Matthias Azzopardi
Matthias Azzopardi is a third year law student and the current Projects Manager for the Junior Chamber of Advocates. He has always been inclined towards student activism and the legal profession. Consequently, he is elated to have been given the opportunity to help law students smoothly bridge the gap between their studies and their prospective careers. Through his role, he is determined to ascertain the high level of the JCA’s academic seminars and events, whilst still aiming to reach new heights. Matthias is a strong believer of team-work and synergy and is humbled to be part of such an exceptional team of youths. He believes that his organisational experience, alongside his hard-working and untiring attitude will bring to the table a unique skill-set that will help the JCA to pursue its visions and objectives.
Michaela Aquilina
Michaela Aquilina is the current Public Relations Officer of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. She describes herself as an organised and determined individual who takes pride in productivity and project management. Michaela is looking forward to promoting JCA’s events and undertakings through her creativity and efficiency, whilst making sure to convey the organisation’s ethos, that of ‘bridging the gap’ between law students and the law profession. Lastly, she aspires to communicate with all followers and members of the organisation via various PR strategies and artistic ideas.
Emma Shaw
Emma Shaw is a second year law student and the current Social Policy Officer of the Junior Chamber of Advocates. Emma is determined to take on this new role and represent her peers to the best of her abilities, ensuring that the gap between law students and the legal profession is successfully bridged. She is positive that she can drive change and strives to develop the Social Policy Office through interaction with other student organisations and by engaging in effective debate so as to facilitate students’ lives on campus and throughout their studies. Moreover, she aims to represent the voice of the Junior Chamber of Advocates on topical, legal issues affecting our society by way of participation in various fora and publication of social policy papers.
Larkin Magro
Larkin Magro is a fourth-year law student and the current Assistant Projects Manager. Larkin has always taken an interest in student activism and has noted the Junior Chamber of Advocates’ work and everything it has done, during his experience as a student in the law course and believes that it is the perfect organisation that fits his views best. In his role, alongside the projects manager, he hopes to develop projects that are both relevant for the students in their legal studies, while also exploring areas of the law which are not so commonly talked about and seen that might expand the students horizons beyond.
Cherise Sultana
Cherise Sultana has embarked on her Junior Chamber of Advocates journey as Introductory Officer. She has always felt a passion towards the legal profession and throughout her university experience, although at its beginning, has developed an interest in student activism. Whilst occupying this role, Cherise looks forward to continuing working towards fulfilling the organisation’s core belief, and hence, committing herself to bridge the gap between students and the law course. She is dedicated to her challenge and aims to achieve her role’s goal through various induction events and activities which will aid students especially through their transition to the law course.
Chantelle Busuttil Stevens
Chantelle Busuttil Stevens is a third year law student and the current Assistant Academic Officer for the Junior Chamber of Advocates. She shall be assisting primarily in the organisation of moot courts and social events organised by JCA. Chantelle looks forward to working alongside the Academic Officer to help students bridge the gap between the law course and the legal profession. Moreover, she seeks to harness her enthusiasm and initiative to aid JCA in achieving their objectives.
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